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The 2019 Plovdiv, Bulgaria Medical Conferences

Explore Some of our Popular and Established Plovdiv, Bulgaria Conferences 2019 and 2020

Joint International Medical Conference:  Progress in Community Health and Education, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 21 – 24 November 2020.

Changes in research and innovations have been occurring in medical practice and education globally for the past decades.   These have been as a result of advances in medical practice globally.  Again, patients have become more informed about their health, and these have resulted in increased in demands and expectations, thereby bringing about the changing roles of the doctors and healthcare workers in society.  

Joint 44th International Medical Research and Innovations Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 26 – 27 October 2019.

Currently, there are needs for healthcare professionals to be more involved in teaching and research, as well as in patient care.  Hence the conference on ‘Medical Research and Innovations’ will embrace many topics on the various issues affecting medical practice, research and education in the 21st century.  

48th Research and Innovations Medical Conference 2019   Plovdiv, Bulgaria 22 – 25 November 2019   Advances in Medical Practice and Education in the New World.

Major advances continue to occur in Medical Practice and Education Worldwide. There are now increasing external and internal pressures to improve the quality of patient care, education and research performances of health professionals. 

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